Why the name StiB Labs?

When we were interested in Bitcoin back in 2014 we know that this era is for Digital Currency and one of the coins will prevail in the end. So Bits is an obvious choice; however we want to be very special and we would love to make it a household name just like Apple or Google.

Bits is very meaningful so we reversed it to be Stib like 1 and 0. “Google it” becomes popular with Search and “Stib it” will be too with Transfer when you send/receive to anyone and anywhere globally!

Easy to relate with “Simply a Better P2P Digital Exchange”. And “Saigon + Boston” are where our team designs plus develops the cool platform.

We do have ambitious goals as we are developing killer apps in this new industry that will revolutionize the way we send/receive money regardless of where you are and who you are. In this Digital Era, we need Digital Money and it is a matter of time before mass-adoption takes place globally. We are bridging the gap to reach billions of people with our awesome solutions.

All you will do is simply sending to an email, a phone number or a QR code and vice versa with receiving, no more no less! Your money is there instantly without the helfty fees, it is your money after all so is your freedom.

We value your suggestions/feedback tremendously, please let us know your thoughts!

P/S: We always look for talented people to join our team so if you are interested or know someone who is, please contact us by sending your resume and a cover letter on how you can contribute to the StiB team!