Why No Fees or No Commissions and Free Escrow?

Everyone is asking “The Question” of Why we decide to make Peer to Peer (P2P) Digital Exchange free of charge unlike our competitions. Of course, it is Free now and Free Forever to trade P2P on our platform. You only pay the BlockChain fees which is very small to transfer (both deposit and withdrawal) in/out of Escrow.

We have a mission at StiB Labs and that is mass-adoption of Digital Currencies globally, whether it is Bitcoin, Ethereum or any alternative coins that happen to be the leader in this space as we believe this is the future. There will be big impacts on people’s lives when we have more freedom and less governments.

We would love to see millions of people trading freely and tens of millions could use Digital Currencies with ease so we have to think about solutions to make things very simple plus secure just like emails or texts. However the first important thing is fees, our competitions charge you on everything because they do not have a good idea on how to monetize on a limited number of users. Our goal is straightforward as we would like to achieve  mass-adoption without compromising or sacrificing our traders´ funds.

First, we develop a P2P Digital Currency platform to Escrow for Free with Cash Deposit and then build a better Digital Exchange of P2P that works like Uber. Of course, we can reveal more of our plans but the sky is the limit and we will continue to develop our platform so that an average Joe can use it like sending an email or a text.

There are many ways to monetize to build a better business model than our competitions and with our Free Escrow we can outperform the competitions easily. It is a huge benefit to the community when we can compete with better service, amazing support and of course Free to Trade with Zero Commission.

1% of $100 when Bitcoin was at that price is just a little but now 1% of $700 is much more. So look around to see who is charging what for your money to make a better decision. Not to mention when Bitcoin is reaching thousands or tens of thousands in value, 1% or 2% will be too much of a fee. However, now we will have to earn your trust and we start to go one step at a time with each and every single member.

We always welcome ideas/suggestions/ and your valuable comments so please send all our way!