What’s coming next at StiB Labs?

We are very excited and thrilled to get our very first milestone out to the public with Cash Deposit in the US market. We will be adding more awesome features on top of this to make P2P trading much easier and simpler; however the biggest and coolest feature that is under development is the USD Balance. So you have a maximum of 3-5 balances with USD and the top Digital Currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc… “Your Deposit is someone’s Withdrawal and Vice Versa”, this is the core funtionality of your USD Balance. You can trade with anyone and transfer to anybody in the world. You can also convert back and forth between USD <-> Digital with a single click of a button. It all happens among your Peers simply.

The only way to scale globally is Peer to Peer (P2P) as always. The great concept, the innovative idea, and the excellent execution will make this a very sucessful journey and we hope you will like it in the end.

Of course, we are always welcome your ideas/suggestions, please let us know!

Coming Soon:

  • Ethereum and Monero/Steem/Dash
  • Paypal, Venmo and Google Wallet
  • MoneyGram/Western Union
  • API’s for wallets integration
  • Cash P2P/f2f (face to face) like Uber
  • And best of all: USD Balance with Deposit/Withdraw at mobile Agents