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We are releasing Faster and Simpler orderbook

Last month we laucnhed officially in the US market where you could Buy Bitcoins with a simple click and now we are very eagered to release an update on the other half of our orderbook. Now you can Buy/Sell with a single click which is much easier. Our goal is...

Why the name StiB Labs?

When we were interested in Bitcoin back in 2014 we know that this era is for Digital Currency and one of the coins will prevail in the end. So Bits is an obvious choice; however we want to be very special and we would love to make it a household...

What’s coming next at StiB Labs?

We are very excited and thrilled to get our very first milestone out to the public with Cash Deposit in the US market. We will be adding more awesome features on top of this to make P2P trading much easier and simpler; however the biggest and coolest feature that is...

Why No Fees or No Commissions and Free Escrow?

Everyone is asking “The Question” of Why we decide to make Peer to Peer (P2P) Digital Exchange free of charge unlike our competitions. Of course, it is Free now and Free Forever to trade P2P on our platform. You only pay the BlockChain fees which is very small to transfer...

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